Examen TOEIC: Qué es y cómo prepararlo.

Examen TOEIC: Qué es y cómo prepararlo.

En American Language Academy impartimos varios cursos de preparación para exámenes oficiales que son solicitados por empresas internacionales y locales para acreditar el dominio del idioma inglés a nivel profesional, entre ellos, el TOEIC. Los cursos se imparten en grupos reducidos, los profesores son nativos, profesionales y con una amplia experiencia en la preparación del examen.  Los cursos de TOEIC son intensivos y exigentes, con la opción de intensivo (4 semanas) o semi-intensivo (6.5 semanas).  El alumno no sólo recibirá formación en los matices del idioma inglés sino en las estrategias y métodos para afrontar el examen con éxito.

El examen TOEIC se utiliza para evaluar la competencia del candidato en las 4 habilidades lingüísticas (lectura, comprensión auditiva, expresión oral y redacción), pero la versión del examen más común y en la que nos centraremos es el examen del 2 habilidades: comprensión auditiva y lectura.

El Examen se divide en 2 partes (Listening y Reading) con una duración total de 2 horas.  Cada parte consiste en 100 preguntas que evaluarán los conocimientos de la gramática, vocabulario y comprensión.


What is the TOEIC exam?

            The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is an English language exam that is used by businesses all over the world to evaluate the English language abilities of  both prospective job applicants and  current employees.   It has been used as an English evaluation tool since 1979 when it was first introduced in Japan and is currently administered to over 4,5 million people in over 50 countries.  While there is a version of the test that includes speaking and writing, the most commonly utilized version of the exam, and the one that we will be focusing on today, is centered on the reading and listening abilities of the candidate.


How does the exam work?

            The TOEIC is a paper based exam which typically takes about 2 hours to complete.  It is divided into 2 main sections: Listening and Reading.   The listening section of the exam lasts 45 minutes and involves 100 questions divided into 4 distinct sections, whereas the reading section will take about 1 hour and a half and involves 100 questions in 3 separate parts. Both sections have a maximum score of 495 and your TOEIC score is calculated by simply adding the two of them together.

Listening  Comprehension

The first section evaluates your ability to connect a photograph to the sentence that accurately describes it.  In your test booklet, you will be instructed to focus on ten photographs, one by one.  For each photograph you will hear 4 sentences, one of which accurately describes what you are looking at while the other 3 will provide inaccurate information.  Your task will be to “bubble in” or mark the letter from your answer booklet that corresponds to the sentence that describes the photograph.

In part 2 you will hear 30 brief statements or questions followed by 3 sentences.  Your task will be to select the response that corresponds to the original sentence.  For this part of the listening there are no visual cues, it is a purely auditory section.

Parts 3 and 4 involve listening to 10 brief converstations (part 3) or talks/speeches (part 4) which are then followed by 3 questions regarding what you heard in the listening.   You will be able to see the questions , as well as the possible answer choices in your text booklet, however, there will be no visual transcript of the converstation or talks.


In Part 1 of the reading section you will have to choose, from four possibilities, the word or phrase that best completes each of 40 individual sentences. This part of the reading section tests your knowledge of a variety of grammatical concepts as well as general  vocabulary, including phrasal verbs.

Part 6 is very similar to part 5 in that you will be required to select the answer choice that correctly completes sentences with missing words.  In this section, however, instead of individual sentences, the missing words will be part of longer passages, typically business letters.  There will be 3 letters, each with 4 missing words, for a total of 12 questions

Part 7 is the longest part of the Reading Section and will test your reading comprehension.  You will be asked to read several short passages and then answer 3 questions that correspond to each passage. 


What is the course like?

Your intensive TOEIC course will last either 4 or 6.5 weeks depending on the format you choose. Roughly half of the course will cover strategies to successfully manage the listening section and the other part will tackle the reading section.  Throughout the program, you will take 3 complete, simulated exams including one at the very beginning of the course.  This will help not only familiarize you will the overall structure of the exam, but also provide you with a better understanding of what your starting point is and what you nned to work on.

Grammar is a very important part of the TOEIC exam and, therefore, a very important part of your intensive TOEIC preparation course.  Throughout your 4 or 6.5 week intensive course you will not only review much of the grammar and vocabulary that you may have learned throughout your English language learning journey, but also be introduced to new concepts and words that typically appear on the exam. 

The course will also focus heavily on the test taking strategies that will help you face the unique challenges of the TOEIC exam.  Besides general English Language skills, you will also learn how to manage the clock, avoid typical mistakes and battle test anxiety.


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